Real Estate Concierge

Real Estate Concierge

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Real Estate Concierge has become very popular with international buyers, CEOs, and celebrities. We do it all for you, from locating the property under market value, we map out any renovations to be done and have our team start working on it with your approval. After the reservation, we can put it on the market for sale, rental, or Airbnb.

What our clients like about this is that they're only dealing with us once and not a hundred different people like contracts, plumbers, electricians, etc. 

We provide Real Estate services for international investors. We will obtain the EB-5 visa for investors who buy property for at least $500K.

  • We will locate Real Estate investments with a profitable resale value.
  • We will do all the renovations, upgrades, and staging for resale or vacation rental and manage property or put in on the market for profit
  • We will provide a comprehensive report on areas of work done weekly so you will see progress weekly.

If you're moving, we will arrange moving for your door to door service.

Fee depends on the size of the home or office and scale of the project. Please email us directly at