Year of the Ox 2021 Flying Star


2021 is the year of the Metal Ox. This year we can expect a period of calmness, harmony, and peace around the world. This will be a great year for emotional, spiritual, and economic reconstruction.

The Flying Star tells us where the energy shifts for each particular year. Given that this changes yearly, prosperous areas in your home or office for the previous year may bring you bad luck this 2021. Changes should be made accordingly to maximize this year’s luck.

The nine Feng Shui stars are the nine numbers in Lo Shu Square. Each number is connected to a specific set of energies. These are expressed in a Feng Shui’s element, direction, color, its effects on a person's life, and even its influence on specific body parts. The 2021 Lo Shu chart has the number six in the center making it the most auspicious number of the year. The number six currently signifies great luck from the heavens. It is also one of the trinity of white numbers bringing about exceptional luck.

Before working on the Flying Star

Start with the basics and be sure that your house or building’s foundation is solid and robust. The foundation requires a place that is clutter-free, with plenty of natural light, clean air, and a sense of happiness and joy. After securing the foundations, do the New Year's ritual.

Get rid of things that you no longer use and make it a point to give away useful items to whoever can make use of them. Make it an abundance ritual: by learning how to let go, you’re making space for new things to enter your life.

Seen below is the Bagua map of energy for 2021.  This map suppresses bad energy and enhances luck. It takes precedence over your personal areas and directions. Despite that, you still need to enhance and protect your personal directions.

Each sector is different for every living and working space. Use a compass and put it at the level of your waist to ensure alignment. This will also help you determine your house’s facing direction and allow you to position the map accordingly. If you live in an apartment or a condominium, the direction of the lobby is your facing direction. If you live in a house, the direction of your front door is your facing direction. This year, the ideal facing direction would be towards nine. 

Dynasties have maximized the usage of placement and symbols to enhance energy and accumulate their massive wealth. Placement of symbols is effective for countering bad luck and bringing great wealth, love, and luck. Moving furniture and accessories around, as well as cleaning the area, also helps change the energies.

Flying Star Chart Sectors

Each sector has a corresponding element. Make sure to enhance or suppress the element with the corresponding element described within each sector.

SECTOR 1 SOUTH FIRE is the area of the victory success star. Activate this area with the wood element. Wood furniture, accessories, or flooring would suffice. This is an important area and should always be kept free from clutter. This is an excellent area conducive for work, and working at a wooden desk here may boost productivity. Enhance your luck with photos or figurines of Dragons or Horses. The Dragon symbolizes excellent luck and the Horse signifies money coming in. A perfect Feng Shui cure, the Victory Horse and the Tribute Horse are used to foster a good reputation and bring mobility and success, respectively.

SECTOR 2 NORTH WATER is the area of the illness star. To counteract this area, put earth elements such as a rubber or jade plant here. It should also be decluttered. Symbols of good health like the Medicine Buddha or the Medical Symbol should also be placed. Try not to sleep, work, use, or renovate this area. Most importantly, do not activate this area.

SECTOR 3 SOUTHWEST WOOD is the area of the hostile star.  The wood Element represents quarrelsome energy where negative energy exacerbates disputes and misunderstandings caused by rumors and unstable emotions. To counteract this, place dull metal elements in this area. You may place either a Pagoda, 2 Red Apples or a red carpet in this area. This star can trigger fights and cause afflictions for the mother of the household. Avoid doing anything in this area and defer from placing bright lights, metal, or water here as these can activate the hostile star and spread negative energy. 

SECTOR 4 EAST WOOD  You have two stars here: one good and one bad. The Peach Blossom represents love and academics while the Three killing star is an annual Feng Shui affliction that needs to be managed.  It can potentially cause destructive financial losses to those who cross its moody path. Suppress the negative energy with a metal wind chime.  Do not work, sit, or renovate in this area. Homeowners occasionally suffer from bad luck related to the Three killings when they have been afflicted by it. 

This area brings luck to studies and love, and is best for the eldest son to stay and work for a productivity boost. Enhance this area by bringing in water elements . quartz or clear crystal.  Lucky symbols include the Dragon Carp jumping over the gate. A pair of love birds may also be placed here, as well as a silver heart love box. Wishes written and placed inside this love box may come true.

SECTOR 5 SOUTHEAST WOOD  Misfortune is an earth element affliction. Disturbance to this area causes financial loss and obstacles to success and building relationships. Severe illness and accidents may also occur. It is very important not to activate this area. Suppress the misfortune energy with metal elements (metal objects or objects that are white, gray, silver in color). You may place a Metal Wind Chime, a Pagoda, or the powerful Kuan Kung. Kuan Kung is a Chinese warrior often seen in offices of high-powered individuals known for protection and justice. Avoid activating areas with a bad star by not sleeping, working, or renovating these areas. Suppress the misfortune star by not placing anything stimulating like bright lights.

SECTOR 6 CENTER BIG METAL is the area of the heavenly luck and benefactor support and is the central area for this year. To take advantage of this, first make sure that this area is clear and free of clutter. Enhance this area with the earth elements and add an auspicious water fountain as well. Use colors that symbolize water, black or blue throw pillows, rugs, etc. Make sure to light some incense here. Try to meditate in this area and ground yourself for the incoming fortune.

SECTOR 7 NORTHWEST EARTH is where the violence and robbery star is located.  Use the wood element to suppress negative energy.  This affects the patriarch of the family so protecting this area is of utmost importance. Betrayal and backstabbing may occur so do not use this area for work and sleep and keep the area still.  If you need to use this area, place Fu Dogs here to ward off bad energy. The Kuan Kung may bring justice and protection and is a powerful symbol while the Blue Rhino can protect you from robbery.  

SECTOR 8 WEST WEALTH SMALL EARTH This is the wealth star.  Add fire to this area by adding objects with a red color, bright lights, and candles. Place an image of a rooster here for wealth. This area signifies the youngest daughter. Activate this area with bright lights and keep the area well-lit to boost the accumulation of wealth. Spend more time in this area to benefit from the excellent energy.  Enhance and protect your wealth by placing a Quartz Wealth ball here. Attract hidden wealth with the Ox or place an image of a cow in this area.

SECTOR 9 NORTHEAST FUTURE PROSPERITY FIRE is the area of the future wealth star. The combination of Ox and Tiger this year will bring many future opportunities.  Enhance luck with wood elements such as wood furnishing, sculptures, brown color, etc. You can also add wealth symbols such as the money frog, wealth cat, and Chinese coins in a gold bowl. This area benefits the youngest son. Make sure not to place water in this area, as it may counteract the fire element here.

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