To Renovate or Move? How to Decide


Written By: Marcus Lansky


Deciding between renovating your home or moving isn’t easy. If you aren’t sure how to choose, DND Feng Shui Design shares some points to consider.



One of the biggest points you need to consider is affordability. As your first step, research your loan options. Along with deciding between fixed-rate and adjustable, you need to determine if other options are your best fit.

Along the way, make use of a mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payments. That will help you figure out what works with your budget, as well as let you see how various factors impact the cost, like changing your down payment size.

When it comes to the home improvement route, there are sites that can help you estimate the price for various projects based on data from your local area. You can also use online tools to see what your current home might be worth now, allowing you to see what you might get if you sell.

Once you’ve run those numbers and done the research, you can determine if one path works better for your budget. That way, you can make a financially smart decision.


Function and Form

When you’re trying to decide if you should update your current home or move, you need to look at both the function and form potential of your existing property. One way to do that is to focus on the principles of feng shui.

With feng shui, it’s all about flow. The goal is to promote the circulation of positive energy, bringing benefits to the homeowner’s life. However, one of the other benefits is that feng shui usually optimizes function. Plus, it also places emphasis on aesthetics, ensuring your house works well and feels good all at the same time. 

If improving your home to align with the principles of feng shui is possible (or that alignment already exists), then doing the projects may be worthwhile. However, if flow is lacking and that can’t be remedied within your current budget, you may want to look for a new house that’s a better fit instead.



Renovating your home gives you the utmost control over the outcome. You get to make decisions about every color, material, and feature involved in the project. As a result, your home could turn out just the way you want it, ensuring it meets every need and preference once the work is complete, suggesting that it is within budget.

When you buy a new house, you may get little say in many aspects of the home. Unless you are purchasing an unfinished property from a developer that allows customization, you essentially get whatever is already there. It’s a good idea to see what’s on the market before you decide, however. You may come across a house that you can make work for you, even if it isn’t perfect.

In some cases, if aspects of the house you want to buy are in clear need of repair, you may be able to secure an allowance during the negotiations to offset those costs. That could help you snag a lower price or get a credit you can spend to update the home before moving into it. However, that isn’t always an option if your issue with a feature is purely aesthetic.



In some cases, how you feel about your current house plays a big role in the decision. If you adore your home because it’s filled with many happy memories, has been a part of your family for a long time, or is otherwise sentimental, improving the property lets you maintain that connection.

At times, love is enough to stay, particularly if the property has the potential to meet your needs. However, if that genuinely isn’t possible, it may be better to find a house that works that you can learn to love, ensuring you are comfortable and happy long-term.



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