Water in Feng Shui is usually employed for wealth creation and it is an important tool for stimulating this aspect of your life. ... When oriented correctly, water and all the various manifestations of water that are within view of the main door or entrance of a building can attract great fortunes.

In CONDOMINIUM LIVING, the view laid out before your largest picture window, which can also be the facing direction of your abode, can bring you great wealth OR it can bring loss and a downsizing of prosperity luck. One way to assess this is if there is a flow of water passing your picture window or balcony that you can see from inside your Condo, and if so, it is then important to determine the direction of the flow of water. This is where landscape feng shui, often referred to as Sarn He’ feng shui can play an important role in the luck attributes of high-rise Condomiums.

Lillian Too explains how a view of a river or canal can bring good or bad feng shui to apartments and condominiums. Here she offers a snapshot of the Sarn He’ formula of landscape feng shui, which she teaches in greater depth at her MASTER CONSULTANTS COURSE, the second and more advanced part of her Master Practitioners Course in Feng Shui.

In almost all cities, CONDOMINIUMS and APARTMENTS that offer a direct view of a river are always priced at a premium, and quite rightly so when you consider the lucky benefits of just such a view. Based on the Sarn He’ theory of water in landscape feng shui, when you can see a flow of water from your living room, and especially when there is a large door that allows the energy of the river chi to flow gently into your home, the water laden chi will bring you prosperity and abundance.

An easy way to check if the river can bring you wealth or loss is to first determine whether the view can indeed be the facing direction of your condo or apartment. If you live in a high-rise building and you are above the 9th floor, then the view from your largest picture window can generally be regarded as the facing direction of your home.

If there is a river flowing past this picture window and there is a “door” here, for sure this is the facing direction. If so, then the next step is to determine what direction the door here is facing. Use a good compass to take the facing direction. Make sure you are standing at the door that goes out into the balcony here to determine from what direction the winds are coming towards you and entering your apartment.

If there is no door here but only a bog window, the view of the water flow passing your apartment also affects your feng shui, although not to such an extent as if there is a door here.

According to the sarn he’ formula, when your facing direction is either North, South, East or West i.e. one of the four cardinal directions, the water in the river must flow from left to right i.e. in a clockwise direction, and if it does, the river will bring you great success and wealth luck.

When your facing direction (as you look out to the view of the river) is a secondary direction i.e. it is either Southeast or Northeast; Southwest or Northwest, then the water in the river must flow from right to left i.e. in a counter -clockwise direction. This is called a YIN direction bringing prosperity and attainment luck.

The bigger and longer the river, the larger is the potential for you to attain big wealth. In the lineage texts on landscape feng shui, the source of the river and the direction from which it seems to be coming when viewed from the apartment offers extra details of the kind of luck the river brings you. Also how the river turns and makes its exit from your visual also impacts your feng shui.

HERE IS THE TABLE of direction flow that will bring good fortune based on the direction you are facing when you are looking directly at the water flow from inside your apartment.

YOUR FACING DIRECTION Water should flow …

SOUTH 1/SOUTH 2 cardinalFrom left to right, yang flow, best coming from NE2 directionNORTH 1/NORTH 2 cardinalFrom left to right, yang flow, best coming from SW3 directionEAST 1/EAST 2 cardinalFrom left to right, yang flow, best coming from NW3 directionWEST 1/WEST 2 cardinalFrom left to right, yang flow, best coming from SE3 directionS3/SW1 in betweenFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from W2 directionW3/NW1 in betweenFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from N2 directionN3/NE1 in betweenFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from E2 directionE3/SE1 in betweenFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from S2 directionSW2/SW3 secondaryFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from N2 directionNW2/NW3 secondaryFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from E2 directionNE2/NE3 secondaryFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from S2 directionSE2/SE3 secondaryFrom right to left, yin flow, best coming from W2 direction

The study of Sarn he feng shui goes quite deep, as there are basically 12 stages to the flow of water, with each of the twelve flows signified by a compass direction, and with each flow depending on whether it is incoming water or outgoing water. Each brings a different range of luck to apartments along the riverside.

There are also recommended methods to capture the luck of the auspicious river; and also to block whatever bad luck may be coming your way. Sarn he’ feng shui is worthwhile learning, as the formula offers detailed analysis of all kinds of water flows. It is especially useful for apartment dwellers, especially those who may be fortunate enough to live with a view of water.

Sometimes when your river is near to the sea, it is possible that the river flow direction can change according to the ebb and flow of the tides. Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that the river water ultimately flows into the sea, and that is the direction of flow that determines the kind of luck it brings. If in your case the flow of the river is in the opposite direction and it brings bad feng shui, the best thing to do is to close the view of the river with heavy curtains. If you are lucky enough to have a view of the river from two different directions, then make sure your interior display of soft furnishings i.e. your curtains and furniture are placed in a way that enables you to capture the view that brings you good fortune.

Do take your directions carefully, as the Sarn he’ formula of water works best when the directions are accurate. The table here has been extracted from the formula. Please note that this is a very basic table. The actual formula goes into much greater depth on the impact of each originating direction of water flow, offering then greater nuances of luck. The formula also takes into account the exit direction of the water flow as it disappears from your view. As with the originating source of water, there are also good and bad exit directions.

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