Signs of Success & Good Fortune on Your Head & Face

The Chinese have always believed that the head and face impart the true essence of a person’s character, and that the general directions of a person’s destiny is revealed by the bone structure and features of the head and face.

Success luck is analyzed according to the physical and structural balance, symmetry of features and apparent firmness and quality of yang chi. The head and face should be the very essence of yang energy. Here, yang energy must be robust and strong, then only does it indicate a life of success and prosperity.

On the head, we should look for yang bone structures whose presence reveals a life of great success, and on the face, we must look for indications of wealth. When you possess these signs, your heaven luck is good. Have them all and life brims over with great good fortune.

Desired Features

For men: a full round head which is neither unbalanced nor has indents and is marked by black moles or black spots indicates a long life of wealth, with nobility of name and the respect of the community. Heads that are perfectly rounded are especially desired, as this kind of head is lucky and auspicious. A man with this kind of head is described as honourable and upright. There is a popular saying among the Chinese:

“A square face favours men, while an oval face favours women.”

When a head is square, the forehead should be high. The forehead should look neither too oily nor excessively dry. This indicates a man has the makings of a “king” or a head of state. In modern times, successful tycoons, CEOs and any kind of leader can be defined as a “king”. If you consciously look at pictures of international business and political leaders, you will note that the most successful, most admired and most prominent are those who have at least two out of three of these features – a round or square head that is well balanced, a high forehead and a clear bright complexion.

A good balanced complexion that is neither too dry nor too oily is most auspicious. Here cosmetics can be a great help especially to women as there ARE potions in the market that directly counter excessive dryness and excess oil.

When the forehead is slightly protruding, this indicates a sign of high office, and it should also be fleshy. When the forehead looks parched or stretched, with bones showing through thin skin, it is a sign of loneliness, and even poverty. Some suggest this is an indication of a bad ending when all wealth and assets, and all of one’s family’s is lost. At its worst, it indicates premature death. Thus thin skin is bad, while thicker skin covering the forehead is a sign of longevity.

When bones seem to be prominently protruding, it suggests an early life of hardship and suffering, and when the head is sharp or pointed, high office is impossible to achieve.
For both genders, a big head with small shoulders suggests a life devoid of family. There is little descendants luck and marriage destiny is stale. When there is a small neck as well, it suggests premature death.

For women: a perfectly round head is a sign that she will be blessed with filial children who look after her in her old age. She enjoys a life of leisure with few worries. Usually, women with round heads and good complexions where the face also has flesh bring good luck to their husbands. Pointed heads bring bad luck and when the jaw is wide and protruding, such a woman brings unhappiness, tragedy and even death to their spouses.

Prominent Yang Bones On The Head

The head of both men and women should be strong, robust and have an appearance of great vigour. The head and face is where the YANG energy of the body is concentrated. Here, the skull and bones are referred to as the principal source of yang chi. To be auspicious, one’s head bones need to be strong, slightly prominent and exude an air of authority.


There are six major yang bones on the head, which, to be deemed auspicious, should be seen and felt easily. They should also be prominent. Each of these six yang features brings success, authority and power.

1. There should be a very slight protrusion at the very top of the head. If you can feel this very slight bump at the very top of your head, you are described as a natural leader, someone to whom power and authority comes naturally. You will be a leader from a young age and even at school, classmates gravitate naturally to you. By the time you reach middle age, you would be in a position of high authority. This protrusion is known as the yang energy at its peak. Someone with this bone feature is highly intelligent and creative.

2. Slightly below the peak of the head, by its sides ,are the side bones of the head. This is known as the Supporting Yang. When the bones here are rounded and symmetrical, they indicate clear headedness; someone who has the power to think straight and with great mental clarity. Such a person is able to concentrate and analyze on his/her feet. The bones here should not protrude; otherwise they suggest someone who is stubborn and dogmatic.

3. Look for the bone at the sides of the head parallel to the ear, where the cheekbone connects with the eye bone. There are actually two bones here, but if all you feel is one bone, it means they are connected and this is an excellent sign of good fortune. Use two fingers to feel for this bone. In some people they stick out more prominently than in others. This bone is referred to as the yang energy of the Sun. It brings recognition and success luck, especially in education and scholastic pursuits.

4. We move to the cheekbones, which are always referred to as the source of great yang energy. Prominent cheekbones are an indication of power and authority. Both cheekbones must be equally prominent and it is better if these bones are high on the cheeks. It is not possible to create fake cheekbones effectively unlike face enhancements. The bones must be there for good fortune to manifest.

5. It is also important to look at the bone that lies behind the head. The more prominent this bone is the better and it should make this part of the head look like a pillow – and when it does, it is called the Jade Pillow. The presence of the Jade Pillow brings intelligence and great wealth. If this bone is flat your head lacks depth. You will suffer from poor memory and you could well be mentally challenged. This bone is referred to also as the yang energy at the rear.

6. The bone on the forehead is the place of wisdom yang and a prominent forehead bone is the clearest indication of someone of great intellect. The higher this bone, the more intelligent the person. Rounded forehead bones are excellent for women, while straight forehead bones are better for men. When the prominence of this bone extends to the side of the foreheads, it compounds the positive indications and the nose bone that runs vertically down the center should also be high and straight. This forehead bone extending sideways and down the middle of the face is the principal indicator of mental capabilities, creativity and intelligence. When they are prominent, it suggests someone really special.

Vibrant Inner “Red” Radiance Of The Face

Faces should suggest the colour of yang chi. This is indicated by an inner glow to the face. Faces that have an underlying tinge of healthy red indicate great success luck. People with such faces attain their goals easily and can rise to prominence. Wealth and prosperity come to them through their work. This is usually confirmed by the colour of their palms, which should also be very “red”. Fleshy, deeply red-coloured palms are one of the surest indications of a life of wealth.

When the face is very fair, underlying bones that look pale white in colour indicate poverty. A purplish tinge is glorious while a bluish colouring suggests nobility. It is better when there are no veins on the face, since this is also suggestive of problems. Veins that look green or blue are an indication of dishonest intentions. You should beware of anyone with this feature.

Face Shape

A long face that is narrow and looks like a Modligliani painting is an indication of hardship, work and toil. Such a face shape could also indicate one might need to suffer the indignity of one great failure during middle age. When the texture of the face is horizontal, it indicates a great deal of disharmony in the person’s life. If you meet someone like this, it is better to avoid this person.

When the face is concave, protruding at the top (forehead) and below (chin) and looks like a crescent moon, with forehead and chin jutting out and middle portion deeper inside, it suggests a scheming disposition. This may not necessarily be bad, but such a person tends to be gossipy and political. Avoid getting too chummy with someone like this. Better to be safe than sorry. The good thing is that such people can make the best kind of friend if you can overlook their gossipy nature.

When the flesh of the face is bubbly and loose, appearing to “shake” when the person is running or dancing, this sort of face indicates harm coming to the wife and children. When the face has an orange-skin, cellulite appearance, it suggests a life of loneliness. On the other hand, when the face appears “oily”, it suggests a loss of wealth. A powdery face is said to attract the chi of lechery and wantonness. A dry, brittle face has no luck.

These indications are useful for modern day women who can easily use cosmetics and cream to improve the texture and shape of their faces. Go for the look that makes your face shine with luminosity and light. Yang energy brings good fortune, so your face should always appear “alive” and happy. Always smile and do not hesitate to use eye make up and bright lipsticks to jazz up the energy of your face. If you suffer from sunken cheekbones and a hollow look, increase your food intake and use rouge to bring colour back to your face. Always go for clarity and purity of colour and strive to achieve a lustrous brilliance. This will greatly improve the feng shui of your face.

A popular Chinese ditty goes something like this:

“A man’s face depends on its vigour. A woman’s face depends on its colour.”

Generally, a white face indicates a frightened shy nature. If you want to be less timid and become more self confident, consider using darker foundation and some colour on your cheeks. Use a pink or purplish tinge to attract the chi of an easy life filled with happy occasions, and use an olive, yellowish tinge to create good earth luck.

If your face is excessively red, use a good foundation to reduce the underlying suggestion of this fiery colour. Faces that are too red are excessively yang and could attract disasters. So scale down on the colour. It is never a good idea to use blue or green tinged powder. These give an ‘evil and treacherous’ look and attract unsuitable people into your life.


Palaces of the Face

Detailed readings of the face can be analyzed by studying the different “palaces” of the face. These palaces govern different kinds of luck and are shown in the sketch of the face above.

There are two parts of the face that indicate a life of wealth and prosperity; the forehead and the nose. When the top of the forehead or nose, or both, are well endowed with firm flesh, it is a sure sign of a life of wealth.

Good foreheads also indicate success in public life and a good reputation, while a big fleshy nose means plenty of money – in fact, the bigger and rounder the nose is, the better will be the wealth luck.

On the other hand, when the forehead is bony and the nose small, little wealth luck is indicated. Your children luck (i.e. the number of children you have, sons or daughters and how filial they will be) is indicated by the appearance of the face just under the eyes. If you have a slight ‘fold’ here, it indicates good descendants luck. You will have filial children. When this part of the face has a pinched look, the indication is a lack of descendants luck. Dark circles under the eyes are often not a good sign, so you should always make sure you get enough sleep; if your dark circles persist, use a camouflage stick to improve your appearance. This will also improve your children luck.

Sibling luck (i.e. how well you get along with your brothers and sisters) is indicated in the area above the eyebrows. When this part of your face has an indentation of any kind, it means your siblings will depend on you and sometimes, even cause you grief. If the flesh is firm and smooth however, your brothers and sisters will be of enormous help to you.

When the property and residence ‘palaces’ appear full and well endowed, it means you will live in a mansion. When this part of the face is thin-skinned and pale in colour, you have little or no asset luck. The most important palaces are those located along the center line of the face, and especially the life palace. This area between the eyes should look clear, bright and firm of flesh.

Black moles, discoloring or indents here suggest obstacles and mishaps. Further down along the bridge of the nose, if there are any markings here they indicate accidents during middle age when you are in your forties.

The nose governs your wealth luck while the area under the mouth shows the number of people who serve you, either as employees or as subordinates. The more well-shaped this area is, the more likely you will be a boss rather than a subordinate.

Destiny By Age As Revealed By The Face

According to Chinese folklore, a person’s life moves from point to point. These ages are revealed in the illustration shown below. You will note from the picture here that childhood years are governed by the markings on the right and left ears. Teenage years and early twenties are indicated by the forehead.

Generally, the smoother and larger this part of the face, the better will be the indication of smooth sailing through these years. Marks and indentations, black spots, creases and moles here indicate obstacles, accidents, poor health and problems related to relationship with parents.

Generally, when the forehead is flawed in some way, there tends to be difficulty in communication with parents. When this part of the face is small and bony, indications are that parents lack the resources to give you much of an education. You tend to be a loner and have difficulty relating to people. On the other hand, when the forehead is broad, round and smooth, it is an excellent indication of a happy period. So, do sweep away hair from the forehead, especially when you are young, as hair covering the forehead blocks the good luck.

Note: Locate your age from the sketch below. If you are going through a good year, activate the spot that indicates your age. This is excellent for attracting auspicious luck due to you. If you are having a bad year, refrain from doing this.


Take note of the colour and thickness of the skin of your age spot. Note locations and colours of moles (if any) and look out for indentations. Analyze the flesh to see if it is firm or loose and whether the pores are large or smooth. Remember that discolourations, black spots and indentations indicate problems at that age, while smooth unblemished skin is an indication of smooth sailing.

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