Find the home that brings you luck and Prosperity checklist

When looking for a new home to purchase, there are some vitally important things to remember when it comes to feng shui. While you can always improve the feng shui of an interior living space using symbolic and flying star feng shui, landscape and structural problems, as well as energy problems stemming from the history of past occupants of the home, are harder to correct.

Before buying a new home, it is always advisable to run through a checklist of things to look out for to ensure your new home can bring you good feng shui, so that you will be happy living there.

Remember also that the actual “viewing process” of any prospective new home is vitally important, so you MUST stay feng shui alert when viewing possible home purchases. NEVER disregard the signs that come to you, and if you have an instinctive feeling, whether good or bad, the advice DO NOT ignore it!

A good way to proceed once you’ve identified the homes of interest to you is to look up the location using Google Earth or Google Maps. Doing so will allow you to gauge the approximate facing direction of the property, as well as what lies within its surroundings. With Google Earth, you can zoom down to street level or sometimes to an elevated level that will allow you to get a clearer view of the lands adjacent to the property you want to buy.


Here is a list of structures, businesses or buildings that you must avoid having within 5 kilometers of your home:

  1. Hospitals (especially those that provide emergency services)
  2. Cemeteries
  3. Council waste management centers e.g landfills, sewerage treatment plants, or recycling centers.
  4. Funeral Homes
  5. Electrical power grids or transmission towers
  6. Heavy duty factories such as oil refineries or big factories.
  7. Places of religious worship – e.g. Temples, Churches, Mosques – should ideally be at least 2 kilometers from the home.
  8. Buildings edges pointing in your direction are poison arrows with bad energy shooting at you


You should also avoid buying homes that have been built on reclaimed land, especially if reclaimed from the sea, as the builder may have not obtained permission from the Dragon Kings of the 4 seas. This could lead to spiritual problems later on, not only during the construction phase, but also for the people who end up living there.


If you end up buying an old home with previous occupants, try to find out about the past history of the home from the previous owners.

Things of concerns would be:

Feng Shui Checklist #1: Buying House Someone Died?

Did someone die in the house?

If so, was it a natural death, or was it death from some unnatural cause, such as murder or suicide? If it was the natural death of an elderly person, simple space cleansing rituals would usually suffice. If it was the unexpected death of a person not of natural passing on age however, e.g. a younger person, it is best to engage the services of a priest or holy man to cleanse the home, as the person that passed on may not be willing to move on to the next stage.

Homes where murders or suicide occurred will tend to be extremely problematic. These are best avoided, but if you wish to take on the home, you are highly advised to engage the services of a powerful priest to cleanse the home before moving in. For such homes, it is also advisable to perform regular space cleansing with a singing bowl and to make regular incense offerings to the surrounding spirits.

If the previous owner died elsewhere (not while within the home), the home is suitable for purchase, although a space cleansing ritual with incense is still recommended before moving in or starting any renovation.

2. Did the previous owners prosper living in that home, or did they go broke?

Homes where family fortunes were lost are often not a good purchase. As such, it is not advisable to buy homes auctioned off by the bank, as such homes are regarded as having very poor wealth luck.If you do buy such a home, it is highly advisable to engage the services of a professional Feng Shui Consultant to correct what went wrong in the home.

3. Was the previous family happy living there, or did the family fall apart?

A home that has housed a lot of unhappy energy will need thorough space cleansing, and a comprehensive feng shui check to identify problem areas. Changes in the environment, such as the completion of a neighboring building for example, may have destroyed the original feng shui of the home. Poison arrows are also common culprits, as are water features in the wrong sectors, or an obviously dangerous landscape feng shui configuration.


When you have shortlisted the properties you wish to view, we advise for you to check Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Almanac and select a day that is not a direct clash day for you, For example, if you are a Rabbit, do not view the property on a Rooster Day.

You may want to arrive early for the viewing so you can take a drive around the neighborhood to get a good feel for the area, and an idea of what it will be like living there. Take note of your mood at the time, are you feeling happy, hopeful, excited? Or are you irritable, ill-tempered and snappy? If you get into an argument with others you are doing the viewing with, or if you receive bad news on the phone while viewing a property, these are ill omens and could be signs that the property you are viewing will not bring you good luck.

Here are a list of things you should look out for:

  1. Look at the trees, plants and flowers growing in the neighborhood.They should be vibrant and healthy looking. If there are clusters of dead trees, or the landscaping is not well-maintained, this can spoil the feng shui of the entire neighbourhood.
  2. Look for birds, insects or animals – they should look healthy and happy. Cheerful chirping birds indicate positive chi and excellent wealth and health potential. Butterflies and dragonflies are also very lucky.Flies and mosquitoes however indicate problems of a Yin nature. Household pets like dogs and cats living within the neighborhood should look healthy,vibrant and well cared for.
  3. Take note of the weather;did it suddenly change while viewing the property? If it starts to rain when no rain was expected, or you get unexpectedly strong winds suddenly blowing, these are spiritual signs cautioning you against purchasing the home. Likewise, if you see a dead animal at the property, this is also not a good omen.
  4. Take a good compass reading of the home you are interested in, so you can evaluate how auspicious the feng shui can be for you and your belong to the West group, you should buy a home that faces Southwest or Northeast. If East group, then a home that faces South or North is more suitable. Most families however are made up of members belonging to different Kua groups; in such cases, it is the Kua group of the main breadwinner that is most important.If you have two equal breadwinners in your family, both belonging to different Kua groups, then homes that face East, West or Southeast or Northwest could allow a better balance of luck for your family.


Once you have found the house you would like to buy, select a good date for the signing of the Sales & Purchase Agreement. Use Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Almanac or Diary to look for days that are auspicious for signing contracts, then make sure the day you choose is not a clash day for anyone within your family or household.

You should also carry the Lunar Mansions Talisman of your constellation when signing. This will help you get your timing right down to the minute. Timing is everything, and when making a move as big as purchasing a house you will be living in, you want to ensure you do not make any mistakes here.

To find your personalized Lunar Constellation, click here.

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