Feng Shui Tips for Home Based Entrepreneurs

Written By: Marcus Lansky


For entrepreneurs running home-based businesses, utilizing Feng Shui can help create a positive work environment resulting in success and prosperity. In this article, we provide you with the best ways to incorporate Feng Shui into your home and business.


Buying a New Home

 If your current home is insufficient for catering to your business needs, keep the following points in mind while buying the new one:

  • Location: Avoid houses located at the end of a T-junction or a dead end as these promote negative energy, as reported by The Spruce. Look for homes located on slightly elevated or level land and in a clean and safe neighborhood. 
  • Landscaping: Look for houses that do not have trees or shrubs planted close to them. Additionally, the entrance should not be blocked by plants and have clear space in front of it.
  • Owner’s History: Steer clear of homes with recent deaths, divorces, or other unhappy events as these can amplify negative energy and impact your family as well.


Renovating Your Home

For individuals considering home renovations, here’s how to ensure they include Feng Shui:

  • If your front door is made of plastic, replace it with one made of metal, steel or glass as these are some of the core elements of Feng Shui.
  • When remodeling the living room, ensure to add a large window allowing for natural light to enter the home. Additionally, rearrange your furniture and place the couch against a solid wall.
  • As reported by Magic Bricks, adding mirrors will amplify chi energy, but it needs to be done in a certain way. For instance, do not place mirrors directly in front of the entrance; they should be placed at a perpendicular angle.
  • Work with a certified Feng Shui master from DND Feng Shui Design to create a precise plan that optimizes your living and working space.


Upgrading the Home Office

Having Feng Shui in your office will improve productivity and make your business a success. Here’s what your space should include:

  • Set up your office in a room away from the bedroom. This helps create separation between work and rest spaces. Additionally, ensure the room receives plenty of natural light, has good ventilation, and ideally has a view of nature.
  • Place your desk in the command position, which means being diagonal to the front door, providing you a complete view of the office.
  • Incorporate all five elements in your office – wooden desk (wood), houseplants (earth), file cabinets (metal), candles (fire), and a fish tank (water).
  • Develop the habit of keeping your desk and office clean at all times. This will help you avoid clutter and ensure positive energy in the space remains unrestricted.


Whether you plan to move houses or renovate the current one, incorporating these Feng Shui tips will help make your business profitable and successful.



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